Small flies mean big trout

Trout are often attracted to small flies but many fishermen are averse to using such lures. The common criticism about small flies is that fishermen find it hard to determine whether a trout has taken to the

Splitting worms

Bass fishermen have become enamored with the fine-line split-shotting technique to produce the type of lure that bass cannot resist. The technique involves maneuvering small plastic worms or grubs on light lines to make them more appealing

Fishing in the wind: twenty feet of rod, a bit of yarn, a light breeze … bingo!

The fly fishing technique known as dapping requires the use of a long cane pole, floss line and lures that catch the wind. The equipment enables the flies to behave more like real insects, which makes catching

Casting for transcendence

It was cocktail hour at the fishing lodge and our conversation turned to the subject of memorable trout. This was a group of experienced, well-traveled anglers, and their accounts of the previous year’s “best fish” were impressive

Fast on the draw

Seventy boats participated in the 1996 Bertram/Hatteras Shootout big-game fishing tournament held in the Bahamas. The team composed of 35 Bertram boats won the competition by catching the most pounds of fish. After five hours of fighting